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More than 110 million people in the United States currently have an STD, and about one-third of these people are single. What’s even more astonishing is this statistic is a staggering number that only continues to grow larger each year.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Potentially anyone over the age of 18 who is sexually active.
Absolutely not. You will still need to use protection, each and every time.
No. Unfortunately, in order to standardize the system and attempt to achieve uniformity and complete security, we at SeroMatch have to insist on utilizing our own methods with our lab.
Some people will test positive and have or have had the disease for which they test positive. A small percentage will be “false positives” and not actually have the disease. For anyone testing positive for something that was not expected, we immediately recommend follow up with your doctor or the local health department. The first step there will be to retest you to confirm or deny the result we obtained. If the result was expected (ex: you already know you have HIV, etc.), then you simply would start participating in the SeroMatch process, and you would be assigned to the appropriate group (in this case, “HIV Positive”). Accordingly, henceforth you would only match with others who are HIV+.
No. We do offer a service that meets an unmet need for dating sites; however, Seromatch.com is a STD testing and risk-reduction solution site.
The initial 8-Panel STD test is $249, while subsequent retests for maintaining eligibility is $199. Membership on a per-month basis is $9.99/mo. Eligibility is in 6 month increments, so to maintain membership you have to keep testing every 6 months and pay the monthly membership fee.
Yes, in order to participate in SeroMatch's services, users must affirm they are at least 18 years old.
Yes, if you have previously been diagnosed with an STD, you can still participate with SeroMatch; however, you must complete the same testing as everyone else through our services. In accordance with HIPPA, your results will be kept confidential and private, but you will be able to SeroMatch with partners who share your same lab results. If you have not been diagnosed, but have active symptoms such as genital ulcers, lesions, discharge, etc., then you should immediately seek treatment through your doctor or health clinic. After completion of treatment, you can test through SeroMatch and participate in our services.
No, if you feel you have a medical emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
Yes, because we have to be able to identify you at the lab. When testing, the lab will require users to present a legal form of identification such as a driver's license of passport. We will not reveal any identifiable information except what is required by law. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.
Absolutely not. The SeroMatch process does not allow for the revelation of lab results, even with people you match or attempt to match with. The only way they will be able to see your results is if you give them the results yourself.
Yes. Your result will be reported to the state in which you live according to that state’s law. We are bound by law in these reports. For some results, it may require full identity (name, address, contact info, etc.,) and for others it, is general demographic data (no name but age, marital status, sexual orientation, etc.). We at SeroMatch will report only the minimally identifiable information as required by law.
You can easily share your results from SeroMatch to your doctor. In fact, we encourage you to share any results we obtain with your doctor immediately, even if the results are all negative (normal). You simply log on to your SeroMatch account, download your results, and then you can email or print (we suggest print for added security) and take with you to your doctor’s office.
No. As per the question above, we encourage you to share your results with your doctor directly.

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